MyLanguage conferences

MyLanguage biennial conferences

The MyLanguage Conferences focus on better ways of serving the information needs of CALD communities, and promoting diversity and the benefits of strong multi-language communities.

The MyLanguage conferences have at their core the desire to develop and implement innovative technology solutions that helps foster and enrich culture. The MyLanguage partnership is committed to developing opportunities for the Australian library and information community to discuss, share and learn from each other better ways of serving the information needs of multicultural communities.

We endeavour to promote the diversity and benefits of strong multi-language communities. We believe that this contributes strongly to better cross cultural understandings. In the case of Australia which has a diverse multicultural society and a unique indigenous population, this in turn builds community and social harmony.

The first national MyLanguage conference was held in Sydney in August of 2010, and hosted by the State Library of New South Wales. This provided the opportunity for  MyLanguage to bring together over With over 180 delegates participating with shared interests. The conference highlighted and explored how digital technologies could be used to assist culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities to achieve greater social inclusion, and to maintain their linguistic and cultural identity, and showcased a range of innovative programs and services from across Australia and overseas.

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The second national MyLanguage Conference August 2012 was hosted by the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane. The 2012 conference MyLanguage - Connecting, Collaborating, Creating was focussed on exploring digital futures for multicultural Australia especially ways of connecting communities, collaborating and creating digital opportunities.

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